• The latest features and improvements to Readwise.

Like to Save Tweets & Threads 💖

We just shipped an even cleaner way to save tweets and threads to your Readwise account: likes.

Going forward, if you like any Readwise reply to an "@readwiseio save..." command, the original tweet or thread will be saved to your account without cluttering the replies of the original poster.

As some background, we originally developed the Readwise Twitter save feature in response to users requests to save both individual tweets and entire threads.

Due to technical limitations, it was actually cleanest to save tweets using a public reply that the Readwise bot could detect. For example, this technique immediately worked on both desktop and mobile in contrast to, say, a browser extension which would only work on desktop.

While we also developed a DM analog such that users could privately save tweets by DMing @readwiseio, the public save feature gained so much momentum that it started to bury more thoughtful comments on popular threads.

That’s on us, and we’ve rolled out this update to hopefully clean up the clutter accordingly... As always, we want you to read more of what you love, not scroll through endless save thread replies.

If your Twitter account is not already connected to your Readwise account, set up Twitter saves here →

Save images from Twitter 🐥🌄

Readwise will now show the images from any tweet/thread you save, and show them in the site/app!

Here's what a saved tweet with images looks like:

Of course, these images will all now also sync to your favorite note-taking apps too:

We hope you enjoy the saved images -- we have another big update to Twitter Save coming soon :)

— Readwise Team

Dark mode 🌚

Readwise now has dark mode! On the web, and in the native iOS/Android apps. Need we say more??

To activate on desktop, tap the profile icon in the top right and select Toggle Dark Mode:

On mobile, tap Profile and then the gear icon in top right:

They say when you run out of better ideas, add dark mode. Don't worry! We still have plenty of cool stuff we're building 😊

Automatically sync highlights from Inoreader 🔃

Readwise now supports automatic highlight syncing with the popular RSS feed reader Inoreader!

After you've connected your Readwise account with Inoreader, any time you create a new note or highlight in Inoreader, it will synchronize automatically with Readwise.

To connect Readwise to Inoreader, follow the steps here!

Major site/app speedup ⚡️

Both the Readwise mobile app and website should now be loading about twice as fast as they used to!

Here's a fun graph of our average site latency before and after the change:

We hope this makes your reading+reviewing experience even smoother :)

— Readwise Team

Track your Readwise stats and recover missed reviews 📈

We just shipped a significantly upgraded "stats" page where you can track a variety of your reading and reviewing statistics.

Daily Reviews

First, you can see all the days on which you did or did not complete your Daily Review. If you missed a Daily Review in the past 7 days, you can also "recover" that review such that it counts towards your streak. We're about to start sending sweet Readwise-branded merch to users who hit one-month and one-year streaks so you definitely want to take advantage of this recover feature 😇

New Highlights

Second, you can see how many (digital) highlights you created week-by-week going back as far as your reading data exists. New highlights are a great proxy for intensely you were reading during a particular timespan.

Most Highlighted

Finally, you can see which document (book, article, PDF, etc) you highlighted the most for a given month. It's amazing to look back on your own reading journey and remember where you were — both physically and mentally — when you read certain books.

Check out your Readwise Stats now →

Generate beautiful textshots from highlights 🎨

Readwise has long enabled you to convert a highlight's text to a styled image (aka a "textshot") and then share on social media and elsewhere. We've massively upgraded the textshot feature to: (1) be so much more beautiful 😍, (2) load instantly, and (3) offer numerous customization options.

In addition to the "Pretty" layout, you can also generate a "Clean" or "Classic" version of the textshot:

Finally, you can create a square version for sharing on photo-first social networks such as Instagram. Note that the plain text is still available in the Share dropdown!

To use textshots, tap the share symbol on any highlight.

Readwise iOS Widget 📱

As Readwise users, we just shipped one of our favorite new features in a while: an iPhone widget!

The Readwise widget comes in a variety of aesthetically pleasing shapes and sizes:

The medium widget puts a random highlight on your iPhone home screen that rotates every 5 minutes throughout the day once you've finished your Daily Review. Before you've finished your Daily Review, it shows the first highlight alongside a helpful prompt.

The large widget puts a longer random highlight on your home screen that also rotates every 5 minutes.

Both sizes come in light/dark (depending on your display settings) and blue varieties. Don't forget you can use more than one!

To place the widget, long press anywhere on your unlocked iPhone screen, tap the plus symbol in the upper right hand corner, select Readwise, and click Add Widget on the widget of your choosing.

Add tags to documents (books, articles, etc) 📃

Up until now, tags in Readwise have been limited specifically to highlights. Now you can apply what we call Document Tags to books, articles, tweetstorms, and so on.

There are several places throughout Readwise where you can apply these tags. First, from your Library as shown above. Alternatively, you can add Document Tags during your Daily Reviews by hovering over the title and tapping the tag symbol (or using the keyboard shortcut shift+t). On mobile, you can add Document Tags using the top-right dropdown menu.

Beyond helping you organize your documents more efficiently (no need to tag each of the 100 highlights in a book the same thing!) you can also now tune your reviews based on your Document Tags. For example, you might tag all your novels as Fiction and then tune down Fiction so your Reviews are more nonfiction oriented.

Try adding some Document Tags now →

Speed improvements and bug fixes 🚀

Since coming back from holidays, we've been focused heads down on crushing bugs and improving the performance of Readwise. You should notice:

  • Faster site and app loading times as we upgraded our database and optimized many pages
  • No more duplicate highlights in Instapaper articles!
  • Way fewer bugs in our highlight Bulk Import tool for CSV files/spreadsheets
  • No more bugs in billing when you try to change your plan
  • Reviewing more highlights after your daily review (or opening your Highlight Feed in the mobile app) should be about 3x faster
  • A dozen other small bugs fixed :)

A much faster and more powerful Library page 📚

We've been shipping tonnes of improvements to the Readwise Library page: better search, faster performance, and a whole new Gallery view for your books:

Additionally, there is now an "Everything" view where you can sort and scroll through your books, articles, tweets, etc. all alongside each other! Try it out at →

Export all of your highlights to Markdown 📂

Since the early days of Readwise, we've supported exporting books/articles individually to markdown, but this has been a little impractical for those wanting to export their entire library to note-taking apps (or just backing them up to their computer). No longer!

You can now export all of your highlights to a folder full of markdown files, as well as customize the formatting of those markdown files precisely how you like:

Try out our new bulk Markdown Export →

A full redesign of Readwise 🎨

We've completely overhauled the the design of Readwise's web and mobile apps to feel cleaner, more aesthetic, and (most importantly) work better!

This was a big undertaking of redesigning basically every page on the Readwise site. Also included was a new logo and app icon for Readwise: we hope you like it :)

Android app 🤖

A quiet ship of 2020 we made was releasing an Android counterpart to our iOS mobile app! Review your highlights, receive notifications, browse, search, and add highlights via camera. All from our Android native app.

Get the Readwise Android app here →

Readwise Public API 🔌

In addition to our hand-coded integrations, we now offer a public API which developers have started to harness for all kinds of creative applications for getting new types of highlights into Readwise. With this, expect many new integrations coming up >:)

If you're a developer, check out the API docs →

Sync your highlights from the Command browser

Command is a highlighting-first web browser on iOS that makes it easy to save highlights from a webpage as you’re browsing.

Command has integrated Readwise into their app enabling you to save highlights from webpages directly (and automatically) into Readwise!


→ To get started, read: How can I save highlights from the mobile web using Command?

New highlight sources: Feedly and Worldbrain 🆕

Two new sources to bring highlights from articles into Readwise this week!

The first is Feedly: an RSS reader and read-it-later app. To connect Feedly to your Readwise account, just head over to and hit the "Feedly" option -- your highlights will all sync automatically.

The second is Memex by Worldbrain: a powerful tool that lets you annotate, organize and share what you find online.

To connect Worldbrain, simply connect via Memex Settings > Import & Integrations from inside the Worldbrain app.

We hope you like the new integrations, and we have many more coming!

Import highlights from PDFs 📃

We've finally bitten the bullet on one of our most requested but most fickle import sources: PDF documents.

You can now upload highlighted PDFs or email those files as attachments to to be imported into your account.

PDF Import (7).gif

If you plan to take advantage of this feature, we encourage you to read the associated help document to understand some of the best practices. As we said, PDF is an extremely fickle file format!

→ To get started, read: Can I import highlights from PDFs?

Save highlights from podcasts using Airr 🎧

We've teamed up with the team to make it effortless to save your favourite quotes from podcasts as you're listening!

Just download the Airr app, and connect your Readwise account from your settings.

Every AirrQuote you make will then be automatically saved (including a link to play the audio in Airr, your caption, and a transcript of the quote if available) to your Readwise account. Here's what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 1.30.09 PM.png

Detailed instructions to set it up 👇

Paper book highlighting (OCR) v2 📸

We've massively improved the paper book highlighting feature in the Readwise iOS app... in two main ways!

1️⃣ We've improved our text parsing algorithm a lot, meaning fewer typos and less time tweaking passages 🤓

2️⃣ You can now make a highlight across multiple pages:


This has probably been the most-requested OCR improvement, so happy to be shipping it!

For you Android users, the app is coming very soon. Shoot us a quick email at if you're interested in trying it out 🤖

Twitter Save 2.0 🐦

We just upgraded our Twitter Save feature so now you can:

  • See "stats" as part of public saves
  • Save threads privately by DMing @readwiseio
  • See Twitter avatars in Readwise
  • Attach notes to your saved tweets


→ To get started, connect your Twitter account to Readwise.