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Easily browse & search your entire highlight library
Sync new highlights from all sources
Organize your highlights with tags & notes
Inline & Action Tagging
Export your highlights to Evernote
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Can I use Readwise for free?

Readwise is free for first 30 days. After the free trial, Readwise costs a small monthly fee, or you can refer your friends for additional free months.

Why should I pay for Readwise?

The same reason you pay for your books: to learn and grow wiser.

Why spend all of the time required to read books if you aren’t going to use or remember them? Readwise costs as much as a coffee or two each month, but gives you a great way to get the most out of your reading.

What's the difference between Readwise Lite and the full Readwise?

If you just love the daily email, and easily reviewing the best of your highlights, Readwise Lite is for you.

If you want the full power of the web app: tagging, note-taking, and all future reading technology that we build, we’d recommend the full Readwise.

Can I cancel Readwise?

Absolutely. Just email us at any time and we'll cancel your plan and fully refund your most recent payment.

We're building Readwise to improve the way people read, not squeeze every last cent out of our users. Because of this, we're happy to give you your money back if it means we can learn how to do better.

Can I change my Readwise plan after subscribing?

Yes, for now just shoot us an email at . We're working on letting you do this automatically soon :)

Have any more questions?

Email us, we'd love to chat!


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