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Here's what our users say

Kindle lacks a tool for rediscovery and exploration. In one neat package, Readwise provides both, reminding us of passages we liked and facilitating discovery of new books and new authors.

Prem Panicker


Readwise sends me the one email I look forward to opening every single day. A daily collection of the best ideas from your favorite books. It's a dream for readers who highlight and take notes.

Will Hoekenga

Founder, Copygrad

I was super happy to discover Readwise... The web is so much about immediacy and rewarding the now, that I love the idea of going back and exploring my "cache-memory".

Linda Liukas

Author, Hello Ruby

Actually use your highlights

Highlighting is great, but what's the point if you're never going to see any of those highlights again?

Readwise lets you quickly liberate your highlights (all into one place), and ensures that you'll actually see and use them.

Liberate your reading data

Stop forgetting what you read

How often do you finish a book, only to forget the key ideas two weeks later? We don't remember things by just reading them once.

Readwise fixes this using a scientific process called Spaced Repetition. We surface your best highlights back to you at the right times, and let you review them every day with the daily email and app.

Retain more of what you read now

Tag, note, search, and organize

With your highlights all in one place, Readwise gives you the power to organize and connect these ideas in new ways. Use search to find a highlight instantly, tag it to cement its spot in your library, and then add your own annotation to it.

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