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Track your Readwise stats and recover missed reviews 📈

We just shipped a significantly upgraded "stats" page where you can track a variety of your reading and reviewing statistics.

Daily Reviews

First, you can see all the days on which you did or did not complete your Daily Review. If you missed a Daily Review in the past 7 days, you can also "recover" that review such that it counts towards your streak. We're about to start sending sweet Readwise-branded merch to users who hit one-month and one-year streaks so you definitely want to take advantage of this recover feature 😇

New Highlights

Second, you can see how many (digital) highlights you created week-by-week going back as far as your reading data exists. New highlights are a great proxy for intensely you were reading during a particular timespan.

Most Highlighted

Finally, you can see which document (book, article, PDF, etc) you highlighted the most for a given month. It's amazing to look back on your own reading journey and remember where you were — both physically and mentally — when you read certain books.

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