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5 new import sources 📥

We want to bring your attention to FIVE new import integrations to Readwise giving you even more options to automatically and continuously sync your highlights from your favorite articles, podcasts, newsletters, and more. Let us introduce our newest integration partners:

Upnext – An iOS app to supercharge your continuous learning. Upnext lets you save any type of content for later, work through it when it suits you, and keeps you up-to-date with content from your favorite experts! Head here to sync Upnext with Readwise.

🌚 Moon+ Reader – Android's most downloaded e-reading app now includes a native highlight integration with Readwise. Highlights from ebooks read in Moon+ will automatically sync to Readwise! Head here to sync with Moon+ Reader

✂️ Snipd– Lets you swiftly navigate and highlight your podcasts with their impeccable AI, which generates highlights and “chapters” from each episode. With their auto-export to Readwise, you’ll never miss a word. Head here to sync Snipd with Readwise.

🕵️‍♀️ Refind– A long-form discovery service that curates the 5 most relevant articles for you based on your interests and delivers them to you with highlights and rich summary, which you can now auto-export to Readwise. Head here to sync Refind with Readwise.

🎧 Momento – A podcast app compatible with Android and iOS devices. Momento lets you transcribe, clip, and effortlessly highlight your favorite podcasts, then automatically send your favorite moments to Readwise. Head here to sync Momento with Readwise

We hope you like the new integrations, and we have many more coming thanks to our Public API. If you’re developing a reading, listening, note-taking, or knowledge management app and would like to explore an integration with Readwise, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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