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Obsidian Export V2 📲💜

We just shipped V2 of our Obsidian export plugin, including a number of huge updates! Here’s what they look like ⬇️

📲 Mobile Syncing You can now install and sync highlights directly from the Obsidian iOS and Android app. Note: sometimes on mobile the highlights are not immediately visible after the sync — in such case you just need to quit the app and re-open 😅

📝 Customizable Folder & File Names You can now customize how your highlights display in Obsidian even more, including changing the category subfolder name, the document file name itself, appending the last highlight date to the document header, and auto-replacing characters within the title.

🔄 Resync Individual Files If you’re looking to quickly update specific documents, you can now easily delete and reimport individual files using Obsidian’s command panel to quickly refresh a document (rather than deleting and resyncing your whole library).

🍭 More Templating Goodies You can now enhance your highlights with additional metadata, including last highlight date and unique highlight IDs for use with block referencing. Highlight templates are also now fully compatible with Obsidian’s blockquote Markdown.

In addition to all of the above, we’ve also fixed several bugs (e.g slow syncing, duplicates) and streamlined syncing notifications so they’re far less noisy.

Head to the community plugin page within Obsidian and update to access these new features!


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