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Instantly search your highlights 🔎

We just shipped an overhaul of our search feature. You should now be able to look up any highlight in your Readwise library instantly!

Try it out:

We've always had search functionality, allowing you to look up your highlights by the book/article's highlight text, title, or author. However, it was often terribly slow -- taking dozens of seconds. We've completely revamped the search feature to let you look up your highlights instantly.

You can access the search feature from your Readwise dashboard on web and, of course, from the Readwise iOS & Android apps:

As a nice side benefit of this feature, we've been able to clean up database dramatically, meaning the overall Readwise site and app should now be loading faster for you across all features :)

With Readwise, you should never struggle to find the right passage again: try out instant search now.

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