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Like to Save Tweets & Threads 💖

We just shipped an even cleaner way to save tweets and threads to your Readwise account: likes.

Going forward, if you like any Readwise reply to an "@readwiseio save..." command, the original tweet or thread will be saved to your account without cluttering the replies of the original poster.

As some background, we originally developed the Readwise Twitter save feature in response to users requests to save both individual tweets and entire threads.

Due to technical limitations, it was actually cleanest to save tweets using a public reply that the Readwise bot could detect. For example, this technique immediately worked on both desktop and mobile in contrast to, say, a browser extension which would only work on desktop.

While we also developed a DM analog such that users could privately save tweets by DMing @readwiseio, the public save feature gained so much momentum that it started to bury more thoughtful comments on popular threads.

That’s on us, and we’ve rolled out this update to hopefully clean up the clutter accordingly... As always, we want you to read more of what you love, not scroll through endless save thread replies.

If your Twitter account is not already connected to your Readwise account, set up Twitter saves here →

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