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Here's how Readwise works:


Import Highlights

Sync your highlights from Kindle, Instapaper, Pocket, iBooks, and more.



Review the best parts easily through a daily email & app.



Recall more and grow your knowledge over time.

Here's what our users say:

Readwise-favorite thing I’ve found on PH lately. Lets me revisit important lessons from books I’ve enjoyed I love reading; Readwise reminds me of that. Every day, they send me an email with a few of my Kindle highlights.
If you use a Kindle and regularly highlight sections of books, then you need to sign up to @readwiseio - brilliant way to remind you Readwise (@readwiseio) is my favorite new service this year. Save highlights from Kindle, Instapaper, and now tweets. Emails you a set of your highlights every day. Good spaced repetition makes it one of the best long-term personal learning tools I’ve come across.
Just stumbled upon @readwiseio. It sends a daily email digest of highlights from your Kindle to help you retain what you read. This service is definitely going to fit into my daily routine. Immediate utility. This is not an advertisement, but let me tell you this: Readwise / @readwiseio has completely revolutionized the way I consume books I believed that tech books were only useful in physical form, but w/ Readwise I'm now reading everything on my Kindle 😍
.@readwiseio is my new favorite product.If you’re someone like me who has thousands of Kindle highlights and you want a great place to review, resurface, and share those highlights, then Readwise is for you.Check it out here: I wish I could go back in time and highlight all the things I read prior to 2019 for @readwiseio Compound returns are wild
My biggest complaint about @readwiseio is that it didn't exist 10 years ago. I seriously *love* this product. They've thought through the end to end customer experience beautifully and focused it around solving a specific problem. Make my time spent reading more effective. 😍 Streak 🔥 of 31 days of reviewing my Kindle/iBooks highlights on @readwiseio. I’ve already seen massive improvements in my ability to recall what I read and usage of quotes in my writing. Thanks @homsiT and @deadly_onion ! Proud to be one of the early users :)
After using @readwiseio for a month, I can highly recommend the service. Was surprised how good it feels to (re-)discover gems from my kindle highlights archive. Great example of #microlearning. 5 stars! ✨ The @readwiseio 📚sync to @RoamResearch is 🤯 YEARS of highlighting books––in Amazon Kindle app––just got auto-organized at click of a button into the incredible interlinked instantly searchable context-aware knowledge management system that is ROAM. 👏 @Conaw
The sync capability between @readwiseio and @RoamResearch  could be one of the greatest things to happen in 2020. 10 years worth of previously unorganisable notes are now organised! The folks at @readwise created an incredible product that has slowly grown to be one of my productivity essentials.   Take a look at their latest releases and updates. Unreal. ✨  [Thread 👇]
My favorite reading companions is @readwiseio which helps me recall past highlights from books on my Kindle (emailed as a daily digest) Love it when you find that app that you didn't know you were was looking for >> (sends kindle highlights via email)
I use @readwiseio which syncs your highlights from @AmazonKindle, iBooks and other highlighting services and helps you rediscover your highlights & notes and exports/sync them to popular note-taking apps like @NotionHQ  and @evernote.    35/45 [New Article]  If books are the lifeblood of my intellectual life, then @readwiseio is the circulatory system that ensures I understand and use what I read.   Read this if you use @evernote or will be taking @fortelabs Second Brain course soon.
Airbnb, except someone stays at your house for free and adds all of your physical book highlights to@readwiseio. I do all my reading on my ipad/kindle/instapaper and I’ve always felt it was a loss when I’d read something only to forget about it months later. So I’m so glad I found @readwiseio which solves that problem for me by systematically sending me my reading highlights as flash cards.
If you read books and make highlights (physical books or kindle) the @readwiseio app is incredible. Read a book. Take pictures. Upload. Or just kindle highlights. Then get emails with notes every day. Need to give them some ❤️ so they keep it going. If you read books on Kindle, you might like to check out Readwise: Daily emails with past highlights. I love it.
Super excited the Readwise beta is open to everyone now! It's starting to change the way I highlight while reading: Using streaks for good habits, not just mindless disappearing snaps! 100 consecutive days reviewing my kindle highlights with @readwiseio 💯 📚 #Readwise
Readwise Beta: A daily reading serendipity & great tool for leveraging reading history via @HomsiT Just one word to express “Wowww” @readwiseio 👏
The @readwiseio app is pretty magical too - take a photo of text, it’s converted to live text, then integrated with Notion ✨ I am really loving my @readwiseio daily emails. (h/t @jasonfried , @dhh )
Readwise is a great app. I use it for all my highlights—Kindle, paper books, PDFs. If you've seen me tweet quotes from books, this is the app that does it. The @readwiseio refresh is 🔥

Revisit your highlights

Highlighting is great, but what's the point if you're never going to see any of those highlights again?

Readwise lets you quickly liberate your highlights (all into one place), and ensures that you'll actually see and use them.

Liberate your reading data

Remember what you read

How often do you finish a book, only to forget the key ideas two weeks later? We don't remember things by just reading them once.

Readwise fixes this using a scientific process called Spaced Repetition. We surface your best highlights back to you at the right times, and let you review them every day with the daily email and app.

Retain more of what you read

Tag, note, search, and organize

With your highlights all in one place, Readwise gives you the power to organize and connect these ideas in new ways. Use search to find a highlight instantly, tag it to cement its spot in your library, and then add your own annotation to it.

Get the most out of your reading

Sync to your favorite note-taking apps

Connect Readwise with your favorite note-taking tools such as Evernote, Notion, and Roam. We'll sync your highlights/notes automatically and continuously right to where you need them.

Retain more of what you read

Start reading with superpowers