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The first 
read-it-later newsletters RSS reading web highlighting read-it-later
for power readers.

Save everything to one place, highlight like a pro, and replace several apps with Reader.

The inbox Mobile app

All your reading in one place.

No more juggling dozens of reading apps. Just one: we call it Reader.

Web highlighting

Sometimes you need to highlight on the spot. Freely highlight and annotate the open web using the Reader browser extension.


RSS is in a renaissance. Easily subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite websites in Reader to never miss a post.


Everyone has a forgotten folder of PDFs. Upload yours to Reader to finally integrate PDFs into your reading workflow.


YouTube has become one of the best learning platforms out there. Watch YouTube videos and highlight the transcript in Reader.

Twitter threads

Twitter threads are the new blog posts. Compile hard-to-read threads into proper long-form articles inside Reader.


Most websites aren't made for reading. Save articles to Reader for a distraction-free reading experience with powerful highlighting.


Readwise was built on a foundation of ebook highlights. Upload EPUBs to Reader to enjoy ebooks alongside everything else.


Newsletters connect you directly to your favorite writers. Subscribe to your newsletters in Reader to spare your email inbox.

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Powerful highlighting for power readers

Annotation should be the killer feature of digital reading. Instead, highlighting, tagging, & note-taking are neglected afterthoughts in other reading apps.

We believe that annotations are the key to getting more out of what you read. So we've developed highlighting as a first-class feature. Highlight images, tables, rich text, and more. On any device.

A document with a highlight and note A document note


Fully integrated with the original Readwise app

Readwise makes it easy to revisit and learn from your digital highlights.

Revisit your best highlights

Highlighting is great, but what's the point if you never see those highlights again? Readwise liberates all your highlights into one place, ensuring you'll actually use them.

Remember what you read

How often do you finish a book, only to forget the key ideas a few weeks later? Readwise resurfaces the right highlight at the right time through the Daily Review.

Sync to your favorite note-taking apps

Connect Readwise to your favorite tools such as Evernote, Notion, and Obsidian. Your enriched highlights will automatically export to right where you need them.

The Daily Review: A simple habit leading to last insight

Readwise helps you remember more of what you read using the scientific principle of spaced repetition. The Daily Review resurfaces the right highlight at the right time via email or app.

Loved by 
founders professionals academics

Readwise has completely redesigned the read-it-later app. It's gorgeous and blazingly fast. In many ways, it's the Superhuman of reading — you won't want to read anywhere else.

Rahul Vohra

Founder, Superhuman

I spend my entire day reading, researching, & writing and Readwise is the reading tool I've been waiting for. The perfect complement to my writing workflow. Absolute game changer.

Packy Mccormick

Founder, Not Boring

The Reader is another home run from the Readwise team. Having sampled all the reader apps, it's refreshing to finally find the one that fits into my knowledge workflow!

Peter Duffy

Innovation Lead, DWF Law

The Readwise reading app is the first read-it-later app that enables a true workflow for serious readers. As an ex-Pocket / Instapaper power user, it's hard to imagine ever going back.

Fitz Maro

Creative Technology Lead, Pinterest

I've searched far and wide for the perfect reading app. Even though it's still in beta, Reader has already replaced my previous read-it-later app. (And I always think twice about switching!)

Eliška Šestáková

Professor, Czech Technical University

In addition to building an incredible reading experience, the Readwise team is constantly iterating on user feedback and delivering the fastest product updates I have ever seen.

Akiff Premjee

Medical Student, Tufts University

Reader will change the way you read

We've reinvented the digital reading experience to apply the power of software to the printed word.

Keyboard-based reading

Glide through your documents without ever using the mouse. Keyboard-based reading enables you to navigate, highlight, and annotate with grace.

ghostreader logo ghostreader glasses


Ghostreader is your GPT-3 copilot of reading. Ask questions. Define terms. Simplify complex language. And so much more.

A search field

Blazingly fast full text search

Find whatever you're looking for. Even if you only remember a single word. Even offline.

text to speech

Text to speech

Listen to any document narrated with the lifelike voice of a real human.

Upgrade your reading workflow.

Eliminate multiple apps.

Flexible software fits your unique needs

Your personal interests, your professional projects, your way of doing things — they're unique. Reader is your home base for the varied documents in your life, customizable to match the way your brain works.

PDFs for work, articles for your newsletter, and ebooks for pleasure all live comfortably side-by-side. No more juggling dozens of apps.

The inbox with the command palette open Mobile app

Integrated with your favorite tools

Your annotations should flow effortlessly from your reading app into your writing tool of choice. Instead you waste hours reformatting, reorganizing, and repeating. Reader eliminates this hassle.

Readwise-integration Obsidian Notion Roam Research Logseq Evernote

Reader seamlessly connects to Readwise which exports to Obsidian, Notion, Roam Research, Evernote, Logseq, and more

Integrate with our public API

Reader is built API-first: roll your own solutions and integrate your tools using our API.

Easy consistent review with Readwise

Reader automatically syncs to Readwise: making it easy to revisit and learn from your highlights with Daily Review.

Read anywhere, anytime

Access all of your content from any of your devices with everything in sync. Even offline. Reader syncs across a powerful, local-first web app, iOS app, and Android app. You can even highlight the open web with the Reader browser extensions.

The inbox Mobile app ipad app

Loved by 
autodidacts engineers technologists

Having tried every read-it-later app out there, I cried tears of joy once I got my hands on Reader. It's the smoothest experience to turn highlights into insights. Plus, I can finally highlight images!

Ramses Oudt

Founder, RoamStack

Readwise is the reading, highlighting, archiving tool I've been long for: the Superhuman of reading. I was a top 1% Pocket user for many years and switched instantly.

Eric Jorgenson

Author, Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Reader is the first reading app that helps you process information rather than hoard it. The keyboard nav and minimalist interface lead you into a deep flow state. A must for any knowledge worker!

Nicole Van Der Hoeven

Developer Advocate, k6

I used to dump links into Pocket, but I never went back. Reader changes that. Now I feel on top of my reading. Plus the pace of execution of the Readwise team is insane.

Tom Taubkin

EIR, Diagram

Reader makes it easy to manage all the content coming at me. I'm no longer overwhelmed. Now I feel like I actually have enough time to read everything I want to.

Edwin Wee

Communications, Stripe

Readwise is one of my favorite products of the last 5 years. Reader takes it to the next level. I no longer have to duct-tape together 7 different tools. Readwise just leapfrogged the status quo.

Trevor McKendrick

Founder, Seis

Content overload, conquered.

Our read-it-later apps should improve over time. Instead, they worsen. Why? Because we save more stuff than we have time to deal with.

We fell in love with Superhuman's fun, game-like triage for clearing our email inboxes of clutter. So we've built the same for reading. Weed your digital garden with delight.

The inbox with the command palette open

Frequently asked questions

We're calling this release a “public beta” because the surface area of the product is vast. We basically built five different kinds of reading apps at the same time without accidentally developing the software equivalent of a spork. Meanwhile, we had to make sure the app works well on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as well as iOS and Android. We're hoping the “public beta” label buys us some leeway for the next few months while we hunt down new corner cases 🙂

Once Reader officially exits beta, we intend to reprice Readwise/Reader for new subscribers thereafter. Pricing is really hard and complex so we candidly haven't figured out the exact plans yet. But regardless, we don't intend to increase pricing on existing full subscribers at that time. This means that if you subscribe while Reader is in beta, you'll get lifetime access for the price you are now paying.

Yes! Reader is available on iOS and Android as well as a local-first web app. The entire experience is cross-platform meaning all data is continuously synced between all your devices. Please note that “local-first web app” does not refer to a native app you install on your computer, but you can install the app as a Chrome app or with a Safari wrapper to get native-like experience.

Yes! You can import your existing read-it-later library from Instapaper, Pocket, and a handful of others. You can also import your existing RSS feeds from other feed readers using OPML.

Right now, you can think of Reader as another reading app that integrates with Readwise (albeit seamlessly because they share a database). Every highlight you make in Reader instantly syncs with Readwise and then from Readwise to your note-taking apps. Over time, the vision is to create a unified experience between Readwise and Reader within Reader. Regardless, if you have a Readwise Full plan, you get access to both apps.


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