I’m excited to announce the new major update for Gigapixel! This update features a massive amount of changes under the hood, including an updated AI engine which should be faster and compatible with newer GPUs compared to 6.3.3, a UI refresh across the entire app, and updates to the Standard and High Fidelity models.

For Standard and High Fidelity v2 are have changed the following:

  • For Standard we’ve improved the deblur consistency (blurry patch issue)
  • For High Fidelity we’ve improved the grain preserving consistency for low denoise/remove jpeg sliders
    • For use cases requiring keeping original noise/grain, select this model and tune down the two sliders.
  • For High Fidelity we’ve fixed the tile blending artifacts
  • For both models we’ve fixed the tile artifacts on Apple Silicon Mac’s Neural Engine
    • In Photo we have an option to turn off Neural Engine but it will slow down processing
  • For quality in general, the models should be more generative

Another big change on the UI involves how images are selected and how controls are shown for those selected images. You can now use shortcuts like Ctrl/Cmd + A to select all and Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + A to deselect all images in the file list. When multiple images are selected, the controls in the right panel will now show a mixed state if the values between the images differ. For instance, if you select 2 images where one has a slider value of 50 and the other has a slider value of 75, the slider will show a blank box and a new “mixed state” slider design to indicate that the current selections have different values. You can then move the slider to apply a new identical value to both of the selected images if you want.

Important notes:

  • All preferences will be reset when updating to this version! Make sure to re-check your preferences (and check out the new ones too).
  • It is expected that you will need to re-authenticate with the updated version on first launch.
  • On first run models that were updated will re-download automatically. On subsequent runs if we detect invalid models it should auto re-download them.
  • Mac: The new minimum OS version is 11.0 (Big Sur). Due to the way the old in-app updater works, you may be offered an update while not on Big Sur. Unfortunately we cannot fix this case automatically, but users who need to re-install 6.3.3 can find the installers in this thread 96.

There really are too many changes to get into the weeds with, so instead of an exhaustive change log I’ve pulled out a few points.

Major changes:

  • Updated AI engine which should allow better compatibility and faster processing
  • Added Standard and High Fidelity v2 models
    • These models will eventually replace v1 models in time. If you have quality issues, please let us know.
  • Refreshed the UI with new design and controls
  • Updated preferences with new options
    • Note: This will fully reset your preferences

Notable additions:

  • Added panning and pinch to zoom gestures in preview
  • Added updated RAW preview handling (should be closer to Photo AI)
  • Added ability to capture before/after in split and side by side views
  • Added ability to move the file list up and down via dragging
    • Note: There is a known issue where removing/adding images causes it to snap back to the default position
  • Changed logic for selections
  • Changed controls to show mixed states if multiple images with different values are selected