Frequently Asked Questions

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From what sources can I import my highlights into Readwise?

We support a variety of existing reading platforms (all available from the Add Highlights link on your Dashboard) including:

We also experimentally support paper & audiobook highlights, OCR, Liner, and a few other sources. To find out more about these, or to request a new source, feel free to reach out to us at :)

How do I import my newest Kindle highlights into Readwise?

Unfortunately, there is no way for us (yet) to automatically import your newest Kindle highlights unless you use the Chrome or Firefox extension, so you’ll have to periodically visit the Add Highlights page on a laptop or desktop computer. The good news is that this should only take a few seconds and we'll remind you every 45 days in case you forget.

Other reading platforms, including Instapaper, Pocket, and, will synchronize your newest highlights automatically.

Can I import my Kindle highlights from books or documents that were not purchased from Amazon?

Yes! If you made those highlights on a Kindle device, you can plug in your device and upload the My Clippings.txt file at this link: Import Clippings.

Is it possible to include highlights from articles alongside highlights from books?

Yes! We currently support automatic syncing of highlights from from Instapaper, Pocket, and If you read and highlight articles on your Kindle device, you can sync those annotations using the My Clippings file stored on your Kindle.

How do keyboard shortcuts work?

Keyboard shortcuts are the best.

<- Previous highlight

-> Next highlight

t Add tag

f Favorite

d Discard

n Add or edit note

s Share (via Twitter or Facebook)

cc Copy the highlight to clipboard

m Email the highlight to a friend

I love revisiting my highlights, but I often find myself wanting to see more context in the book itself. Is there some way for me to automatically open the book in the Kindle app?

Yes! At the end of every Kindle highlight in the web app, there is a Location hyperlink that will open the Kindle app on your desktop PC or Mac and navigate you directly to that highlight.

Note: Due to technical limitations of the Kindle app on iOS and Android, this feature only works on desktop (not mobile).

Is there some way for me to automatically open the book in the Kindle app from my Readwise email (rather than the web app)?

Yes! By default, we turn off Kindle Location hyperlinks in the Readwise email, but you can optionally turn that feature on here.

Is there some way for me to automatically open the book in the mobile Kindle app (rather than just desktop)?

Due to technical limitations of the Kindle app on iOS and Android, this feature only works on desktop (not mobile).

I see that I can export notes and highlights from Readwise to Evernote, but can I also import highlights from Evernote?

Readwise enables you to export to Evernote, but we've not yet added the ability to import from Evernote. The reason for this is that our users have such different Evernote workflows, e.g., one user may use a long note for a series of highlights whereas another may use a new note for each highlight.

All that being said, Evernote import is definitely on our near- or intermediate-term roadmap. We'll definitely keep you posted as to our progress there.

How do I import highlights from a book I didn’t purchase from Amazon and read on my iOS Kindle app?

  1. Go to the document in your Kindle app

  2. Click the Notebook button at the top middle

  3. Press the share button:

  4. Export the highlights via email and send them to

  5. From there, we'll import the highlights into your account

Let us know if that works for you!

Do you support Kobo?

Unfortunately, Kobo does not make it easy at all to extract your highlights from the Kobo device. In fact, it's incredibly difficult requiring you to plug your device in, turn on hidden files, copy a hidden database file... and so on. Therefore, we don't support Kobo at the moment, but we're constantly monitoring the situation to see if they make it easier!

In the meantime, you can still use Readwise to resurface highlights from articles highlighted via Instapaper, Highly, and elsewhere. And you can add books you've read but not highlighted on Kindle/iBooks and receive popular highlights intermixed in your reviews!

Do you support Scribd?

Unfortunately, Scribd doesn't provide a simple method for you and Readwise to retrieve your highlights (e.g., an API).

However, you can use a tool called Exifle to export your highlights to json. If you email that json file to, we should be able to import your Scribd highlights manually for you! Obviously, not the ideal process, but it’s the best we can do until Scribd makes it a bit easier to export your data!

How can I change my password?

Assuming you signed up using email (as opposed to Amazon), you can change your password at any time at this link:

Does Readwise have access to my Amazon password?

Nope! In fact, we couldn't even get access to your Amazon password if we wanted to. When you sign in with Amazon we only receive your email address. When you sync your highlights with our browser extension, we only have access to the subdomain, which never shows your Amazon password, only your books and highlights.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! We have an iOS mobile app which you can download from the App Store. You can also use our fully functioning beta app using this link: iOS Readwise Beta.

What about Android app?

We're working on porting the iOS app to Android now!

Is there some way for me to OCR my physical highlights from paper books to get them into Readwise?

Yes! We offer this functionality in our iOS app. You can download the app from the App Store or you can also use our fully functioning beta app using this link: iOS Readwise Beta.

If I delete a highlight in Kindle or Instapaper, will it also be deleted in Readwise? And vice versa?

If you delete a highlight in Kindle or Instapaper and resync with Readwise, we will not automatically delete the highlight in Readwise. Similarly, when you discard or delete a highlight in Readwise, we will not (we cannot) delete the highlight in Kindle or Instapaper.

Will the Evernote integration automatically export my newest highlights into Evernote?

Yes! When you sync with Evernote, there will be an option to sync automatically. If you keep it checked, as soon as any new highlights are added to Readwise, they'll be sent to your Evernote notebook.

What happens if I add new highlights to a book which has already been exported to Evernote?

The newest highlights from book/article will be appended to the end of the existing note for that book/article in Evernote. This will happen even if you move the note to a different notebook.

How do I completely refresh my Readwise Evernote notebook of exported highlights?

Just delete the Readwise Notebook, and then make sure to empty your trash in Evernote. Go back to the Evernote Export page and export again -- you should get a fresh export of all of your highlights!

In Evernote, can I change the name of the Readwise notebook that my highlights are exported to?

Yes! We use the notebook GUID to keep track of the notebook, so feel free to change the name to whatever you prefer.

How does Readwise choose what highlights are included in each daily review? I keep seeing highlights from a particular book? I think I saw the same highlight recently before?

Our resurfacing algorithm currently uses what we call "probabilistic spaced repetition" to choose what highlights are included in your daily review.

When you start out, if you have one book highlighted 100 times out of 500 total highlights, there is a 20% probability our algorithm will select a highlight from that book. Meanwhile, if you have another book highlighted only 5 times out of 500 total highlights, there's only a 1% probability our algorithm will select a highlight from that book.

Each time a highlight is shown, it's probability of being resurfaced is significantly down-weighted. So, it's possible that you might see the same highlight twice in rapid succession before having seen all your highlights at least once... it's just an unlikely occurrence!

Is there any way to review passages from physical books in Readwise?

There are three ways you can use Readwise with physical books: 1. Download our iOS app from the App Store, take a photo of the page within the app, and highlight using OCR (optical character recognition). 2. Manually add paper highlights using the Freeform Input option, or 3. Add the titles of paper books you've read and audiobooks you've listened to here.

My highlights aren't that great. How can improve the quality of the highlights in my reviews?

Here are some ways you can improve the quality of the highlights in your daily review:

  1. Discard the subpar highlights when they appear so you never see them resurfaced again. You can do this using the link in the email or the discard button in the web app (keyboard shortcut d).

  2. Disable books that you're especially uninterested in on your Library.

  3. Add the books you've read (can be digital, paper, or audiobooks) using the Paper or Audiobooks source and we'll start supplementing your daily reviews with the best highlights in our system.