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thousands of store closings and hundreds of malls closing over the last 10 years? Due to the screen reality of Airbnb, Uber and other interactive platforms are disrupting our physical reality. This is something that traditional businesses, founded in physical placeness, have learned the hard way. Too many businesses have continued to view their competitors as other physical businesses… not understanding that their ultimate competition is in the screen reality.

The 2020s

David Houle

Namiki Emperor Yurale The pen I treated myself to when my wife retired young from the NHS. A beautiful large nib and heavy brass body coated in a very lovely urushi finish.

State of the Pens - Sulluzzu

Mark Braun

One of Tesco's largest supermarkets, Tesco Extra in Clare hall, Dublin had to shut its doors to the public because of panic buying. Pictures and videos posted on social media showed long lines of trollies queuing up to pay and shelf after empty shelf - especially those containing dried goods such as pasta and rice and also toilet roll.

The Irish Times

The Irish Times

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