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the ability to practice religion in their own ways were markers of freedom. By the 1840s, literacy rates among free African Americans were climbing, and Staines linked her newly found literacy to her religious practice, telling another interviewer that the ability to read the Bible and participate in religious events made her “wise unto salvation.” She questioned George Washington’s religious practice, prompting her interviewer to write, “She never heard Washington pray, and does not believe that he was accustomed to.”

Never Caught

Erica Armstrong Dunbar

On its quarterly earnings call in late July, Starbucks attributed the loss of some $2 billion year on year to deserted urban office corridors. Starting off their day at home, remote workers are simply not queueing up in the same numbers.

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the director can move the camera across the line while filming without disrupting spatial coherence because the camera movement would make it clear that the space is whole and unified. It is only when cutting across the imaginary line that spatial confusion may occur.

Film Studies

Ed Sikov

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