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A batch of the best highlights from what Tristan's read, .

Man’s concept of life is energized, organic substance. Man’s concept of death is de-energized, organic substance.

The Universal One

Walter Russell

Parlin nodded, fidgeting. “What is it?” Vivenna asked calmly. He glanced toward the door. “I don’t trust this place, Vivenna. I can’t smell anything but bodies and spices, can’t hear anything but the chatter of people. There’s no wind, no trees, no rivers, just…people.” “I know.” “I want to go back outside,” he said. “What?” she said. “Why?” “If you aren’t familiar with a place,” he said awkwardly, “you need to become familiar with it.” He gave no other explanation.


Brandon Sanderson

Greed is a grasping after carrots, while hatred is an aversion to sticks; both involve craving more pleasure and less pain. Delusion is a holding onto ignorance about the way things really are—for example, not seeing how they’re connected and changing.

Buddha's Brain

Rick Hanson

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