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A batch of the best highlights from what Tristan's read, .

Rachel tries to self-destruct. She casts a wordless spell which should munge her brain, rendering it unreadable. But the attacker has all of her thoughts laid out in plain sight, and he simply slices out anything that looks like resistance. And within another few seconds, he has the key. "You see," he explains, "once you have physical access to the hardware, it's all over."


Sam Hughes

In OOP, the contrast between inheritance and composition is often called “is-a vs has-a”. A surgeon is a doctor, so it makes sense to inherit Surgeon from Doctor. A surgeon has a scalpel, which means the Surgeon class could have a property called scalpel, but it would be strange if Surgeon inherited from Knife.

Chapter 7: Patterns - Pro Swift

Paul Hudson

So far we have not questioned the authority of the professionals involved but rather their ability to gauge the boundaries of their own knowledge.

The Black Swan

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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