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It’s worth noting that each of these prospects have a different buying threshold. In my experience, demand for services is non-linear. Instead, I’ve found demand to be fractal (80/20). In other words, one fifth of the prospects are willing to pay five times the price (or more).

$100M Offers: How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No

Alex Hormozi

The thing that makes tail events easy to underappreciate is how easy it is to underestimate how things compound. How, for example, 9/11 prompted the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates, which helped drive the housing bubble, which led to the financial crisis, which led to a poor jobs market, which led tens of millions to seek a college education, which led to $1.6 trillion in student loans with a 10.8% default rate. It’s not intuitive to link 19 hijackers to the current weight of student loans, but that’s what happens in a world driven by a few outlier tail events.

The Psychology of Money

Morgan Housel

Brains love control. It’s their heaven. They’re constantly battling to get there. It’s surely no coincidence that control is the defining quality in the hero of the world’s most successful story. The star of the majority of religious sagas is ‘God’. He can do anything. He always knows what to do, He knows what’s coming, He knows what’s happened and He has unrestricted access to everyone’s most private gossip.

The Science of Storytelling

Will Storr

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