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Many developers work for startups taking low salaries and working ridiculous hours hoping to get rich on the stock options if the company goes public or gets acquired, but I consider that a pretty risky bet. I wouldn’t recommend choosing to work for a startup just because you might hit the lottery someday. Taking that approach, you’re likely to burn out fast and have nothing to show for it. A better reason to work for a small company or startup is because you like that kind of fast-paced, exciting environment and you want to be part of building something and watching it grow.

Soft Skills

Sonmez, John

A community that you can break relations with by simply submitting a withdrawal notice is one that you can have only so much connection to, in any case. Once you know how big the world is, you will see that all the hardship you went through in school was a storm in a teacup. The moment you leave the teacup, that raging storm will be gone, and a gentle breeze will greet you in its place.

The Courage to Be Disliked

Ichiro Kishimi

What should parents and educators do when confronted with problem behaviour in children? Adler advises that we ‘renounce the standpoint of the judge’. You have not been granted the privilege of passing down judgements. Maintaining law and order is not your job.

The Courage to Be Happy

Ichiro Kishimi

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