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Skinner's Law: • If procrastinating on an item, you only have 2 options: 1. Make the pain of not doing it greater than the pain of doing it. 2. Make the pleasure of doing it greater than the pleasure of not doing it.

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The Importance of the “Blue Sky” Period The season writing process for The Office began with the Blue Sky Period, which was B.J.’s favorite part of every year. For 2 to 4 weeks, the writers’ room banter was each person asking, “What if . . . ?” over and over again. Crazy scenarios were encouraged, not penalized. Every idea, no matter what, was valid during this period. The idea generation and filtering/editing stages were entirely separate. As B.J. explained, “To me, everything is idea and execution and, if you separate idea and execution, you don’t put too much pressure on either of them.”

Tools of Titans

Timothy Ferriss

In effect, Chesky and Gebbia were back at square one, in their apartment with no money. Chesky had lost twenty pounds over the course of the year. Out of money and out of food, for the next few months they lived off of dry Cap’n McCain’s; even milk was too expensive. (And yet even during these difficult times, Chesky was still strategizing. At one point Deb Chesky remembers urging her son to go buy some milk. “No, we’re just going to struggle through,” she says he told him. “It’ll be a better story someday.”)

The Airbnb Story

Leigh Gallagher

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