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Things I know at 35, I wish I had known at 25. 🧵/

Things I Know at 35, I...

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In essence, raising your prices can directly enhance the value you provide. What’s more, the higher the price, the more allure your product or service has. People *want* to buy expensive things. They just need a reason. And the goal isn’t just to be slightly above the market price — the goal is to be so much higher that a consumer thinks to themselves, “This is so much more expensive, there must be something entirely different going on here.” That is how you create a category of one. In this new perceived marketplace, you are a monopoly and can make monopoly profits. That is the point.

$100M Offers: How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No

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Joe Rogan's Razors: • If unsure what action to take - ask what the hero in the movie would do. • If you're intensely passionate about something and nobody around you is interested in it - assume the scale of the internet might help you find them.

THREAD: 15 of the Most U...

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