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Marketing is Harder When you do your blog in this style and don’t give yourself a clear niche, it’s harder to sell people on reading your blog or subscribing to it.

Does Your Blog Need a Niche? Maybe Not

Nat Eliason

To make knowledge practical we must convert it into rules of operation. We must pass from knowing what is the case to knowing what to do about it if we wish to get somewhere. This can be summarized in the distinction between knowing that and knowing how. Theoretical books teach you that something is the case. Practical books teach you how to do something you want to do or think you should do.

How to Read a Book

Mortimer J. Adler

Looking back over my games, I saw that when I had been playing well, I had two- to ten-minute, crisp thinks. When I was off my game, I would sometimes fall into a deep calculation that lasted over twenty minutes and this “long think” often led to an inaccuracy. What is more, if I had a number of long thinks in a row, the quality of my decisions tended to deteriorate.

Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

Josh Waitzkin

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