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Simply following our desires without taking time to understand them can lead to destructive behavior and mental confusion, which is why greed is considered a poison.

No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners

Noah Rasheta

Life is like a game of chess or the Chinese board game Go, in which every move helps determine the outcome and some players know how to make better moves than others. In the future, more and more of those moves will be made with the aid of computers, but for now they are still made by people. In reading history you see over and over how its course has been changed by the uniqueness—sometimes excellence, sometimes terribleness—of a relatively few people in key areas such as the government, the sciences, finance and commerce, the arts, and so on.

Principles for Dealing With the Changing World Order

Ray Dalio

Benefit #2: Habit tracking is attractive.

Atomic Habits

James Clear

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