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Just as spending a month in bed (preferably with an unabridged version of War and Peace and access to The Sopranos’ entire eighty-six episodes) leads to muscle atrophy, complex systems are weakened, even killed, when deprived of stressors.


Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Past pandemics became a part of this study and showed me that surprising acts of nature—e.g., diseases, famines, and floods—need to be considered as possibilities because those surprising big acts of nature that rarely come along were by any measure even more impactful than the biggest depressions and wars.

Principles for Dealing With the Changing World Order

Ray Dalio

Peripheral vision is much more sensitive to light than your central vision. That’s why if you see isn’t something faint out of the corner of your eye (such as a ship on the horizon or a star), it can disappear if you look at it head-on.

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning_ Refactor Your Wetwre

Andy Hunt

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