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He not only stressed that he never forced himself to do something he didn’t feel like, he even said: “I only do what is easy. I only write when I immediately know how to do it. If I falter for a moment, I put the matter aside and do something else.” (Luhmann et al., 1987, 154f.)[4]

How to Take Smart Notes

Sönke Ahrens

When it comes to habits, the key takeaway is this: dopamine is released not only when you experience pleasure, but also when you anticipate it.

Atomic Habits

James Clear

Just reviewed the results of this. So many head-slapping moments. Folks are consistently confused by things I would never have guessed, but totally grok now that I've seen them struggle. Also, found a pretty gnarly bug I had no idea existed. Extremely worthwhile exercise.

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