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As you’re writing your own content, take note of when you have to link out to external sources to explain something. If it’s related to your niche, that’s an article that you should write for your own site, and do a better job with. Over time, you can keep going back and updating links in your articles that were to external sites to be to your own explanations, and keep people within your ecosystem.

The Wiki Strategy: How to Grow Your Blog to 100k+ Monthly Visitors

Nat Eliason

Don’t loan money to a friend, or you’ll lose your money and your friend. You’d be better off just giving them the money. The return is the same ($0), but you’d skip the bad feelings.

How to Live

Derek Sivers

Past pandemics became a part of this study and showed me that surprising acts of nature—e.g., diseases, famines, and floods—need to be considered as possibilities because those surprising big acts of nature that rarely come along were by any measure even more impactful than the biggest depressions and wars.

Principles for Dealing With the Changing World Order

Ray Dalio

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