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Conservatives, led by Wang An-shih's brother, argued that human corruptibility and incompetence make governmenral control of industry impracticable, and that the best economy a laissez-faire system that relies on the natural impulses of men.

The Lessons of History

Will Durant and Ariel Durant

Spend some time thinking about recovering your own laptop environment in case of a disaster. What would you need to recover? Many of the things you need are just text files. If they’re not in a VCS (hosted off your laptop), find a way to add them. Then think about the other stuff: installed applications, system configuration, and so on. How can you express all that stuff in text files so it, too, can be saved? An interesting experiment, once you’ve made some progress, is to find an old computer you no longer use and see if your new system can be used to set it up.

The Pragmatic Programmer

Andrew Hunt;David Thomas

In a Rook vs. Bishop ending, the wrong corner is the corner of the same colour as the squares on which the bishop moves.

100 Endgames You Must Know

Jesus de La Villa

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