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*Unhealthy guilt* is a form of punishment and self-attack. It can arise when you’ve broken __a rule that’s rigid, extreme or not in alignment with what you really value__. It can also arise when you’ve broken a rule you do value but, instead of motivating positive change, the guilt becomes excessive and toxic. When we feel unhealthy guilt, we often overestimate how much others are annoyed or hurt by our actions, thereby artificially magnifying our transgressions. We then use this distorted data to conclude that we’ve done something wrong and must be punished for our sins. We think that if we punish ourselves enough, and suffer sufficiently for our badness, then we’ll atone for our transgression. But this approach to improving our relationships or personal actions doesn’t positively influence behaviour, and is rooted in fear.

How to Save Yourself Another Pointless Guilt Trip | Psyche Guides

Not long after my dad brought home the modem, he handed off a photocopied list that included hundreds of BBS numbers from our 919 area code in North Carolina. Back then, the phone company charged significantly for long-distance calls (which could also sneakily include parts of your area code), so we'd be sticking to BBSes in our region. This made BBSes a mostly local phenomenon around the US.

My Secret Life as an 11-Year-Old BBS Sysop

You can see why Musk wanted that exception: His highest priority, the thing that he has fought over with the SEC, the reason he is buying Twitter, is his desire to tweet unsupervised.

Elon Musk Trolls Twitter

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