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The basic structural model that works pretty well in many cases looks like this: General Introduction: get your reader’s interest right away; briefly provide only necessary background (Don’t summarize!). Make your topic clear; focus on a specific statement of your thesis. - Organize supporting ideas into coherent paragraphs with clear topic sentences (this applies both to written works and to the scripts of audio and video productions). - Create meaningful and smooth transitions between paragraphs. - Try to vary your sentences so they are not monotonous. - Support every assertion you make with evidence from a credible source or a comparison of several. Connect all the ideas in your conclusion. You might want to move from a specific statement of the point you believe you have proven back to a more general discussion, reversing the order of your first paragraph, while adding a “so what” statement. This creates symmetry.

How to Make Notes and Write

Dan Allosso and S.F. Allosso

Solidarity takes interdependence seriously.

Race After Technology

Ruha Benjamin

With their predictive capabilities and relentles nudging, ubiquitous but imperceptible, AI systems can shape our choice and actions easily and quietly.

How AI can be a force for good

Mariarosaria Taddeo and Luciano Floridi

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