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When you’re the CEO, you have the least freedom, because you can’t just quit.

Tren Griffin - A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs

2017, Columbia University Press

The idea of representation has been central in discussions of intentionality for many years. But only more recently has it begun playing a wider role in the philosophy of mind, particularly in theories of consciousness. Indeed, there are now multiple representational theories of consciousness, corresponding to different uses of the term “conscious,” each attempting to explain the corresponding phenomenon in terms of representation. More cautiously, each theory attempts to explain its target phenomenon in terms of intentionality, and assumes that intentionality is representation.

Representational Theories of Consciousness

William Lycan

We realized that the brain’s model of the world is built using maplike reference frames. Not one reference frame, but hundreds of thousands of them. Indeed, we now understand that most of the cells in your neocortex are dedicated to creating and manipulating reference frames, which the brain uses to plan and think.

Jeff Hawkins - A Thousand Brains_ a New Theory of Intelligence-Hachette UK

Beaumont Louis

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