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Our smarter, richer betters (in Babel times, the king’s name was Nimrod) often preach the idea of a town square, a marketplace of ideas, a centralized hub of discourse and entertainment—and we listen. But when I go back and read Genesis, I hear God saying: “My children, I designed your brains to scale to 150 stable relationships. Anything beyond that is overclocking. You should all try Mastodon.”

God Did the World a Favor by Destroying Twitter

Paul Ford

Propositions in logic correspond to types in a programming language. Proofs in the logic correspond to terms and programs in the programming language Simplification of proofs corresponds to evaluation of programs.

"Propositions as Types" by Philip Wadler

Strange Loop Conference

I realised that writing isn’t about beating the competition, or being the *only* piece of work out there on a subject. Instead, an indicator of real progress within our industry — or in any aspect of human knowledge — stems from a diverse collective of people sharing their experiences of what they’ve learned, which then hopefully makes it easier for others to walk the same path in the future.

Read Widely, Apply Selectively, Share Regardless

James Stanier

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