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I’d argue that field-level encryption should be a starting place for new application development, and in particular field-level encryption with distinct keys for each entity you might contract with (e.g. each business for a business-to-business product, each user for a consumer product).

A Brief Rant on Converging Compliance Regimes.

Most of our thoughts appear and pass away instantly, for good reason.

Unbundling Tools for Thought

Fernando Borretti

We’ve somehow managed to create a societal scenario where the most desirable iteration of the status quo (partnered, with children) is incredibly difficult, the variations on that status quo (single, with children) are even more difficult, and the aberrations from that status quo (partnered with no children, single with no children) are “easier” in many meaningful ways, but accompanied by constant societal friction.

Your Own Harriet - By Anne Helen Petersen - Culture Study

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