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The trickiest part of speeding up a program is not doing it, but deciding whether it’s worth doing at all. There are few clear principles, only rules of thumb.

Mature Optimization: An Introduction

When we say, “If you’re going to read one thing about programming, read this,” and the book we recommend talks about the Visitor pattern but not about algorithmic bias, we’re telling people the former is more important than the latter. I no longer believe that’s true; I no longer believe it’s possible to excel at a craft if we exclude how it’s used and abused from our thinking about how we build it.

The Compassionate Programmer

The Third Bit

Sidechain compression listens to a second track to decide when to bring the input track volume down. The most common use is to use the kick drum track as the second trigger track. This means when the kick hits, your sidechained track momentarily comes down in volume. This means the kick has fewer sounds to compete with, which makes it sound clearer in the mix.

How Kaytranada Produced Glowed Up

Reverb Machine

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