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We have built many projects, and we believe the most valuable summary indicators are: • Dτ = Delivery lead time. Product teams may say "from concept to customer" or "from idea to implementation". • Dμ = Delivery service rate. Devops teams may say "deployment frequency" or "we ship X times per day". • Dε = Delivery error ratio. Quality teams may say "change fail rate" or "percentage of rollbacks". • Rτ = Restore lead time. Site reliability engineers may say "time to restore service" or "mean time to restore (MTTR)".

Queueing Theory


A surprising amount of executive time is spent cleaning up messes. Some of these messes are externally motivated, like a competitor launching a new product, but a surprising number are self-inflicted. At least half the self-inflicted messes that I’ve seen executives create are caused by unsympathetic or confusing communication, which you can easily prevent by testing your communication before widely broadcasting.

Internal Comms for Executives.

Irrational Exuberance

Deep and shallow modules: The best modules are deep: they allow a lot of functionality to be accessed through a simple interface. A shallow module is one with a relatively complex interface, but not much functionality: it doesn't hid much complexity.

A Philosophy of Software Design

John Ousterhout

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