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Roy Simmons coined that phrase and I like it a lot. “Most artists can’t draw.” We need to add something: “But all artists can see.”


Seth Godin

Those little shakers on the table are of no help when you cook; you need to feel the salt with your fingers as you add it, so you'll begin to understand how much does what.

Six Seasons

Joshua McFadden

As long as people think that government (as an ideal and an imperfect reality) is the enemy, we are doomed. Global warming and other problems are too complex to be solved without a collective action, rooted in a desire to make our lives better in ways that are not contingent on market efficiency or personal enrichment. Can a society be said to suffer from dementia? Watching my father succumb, I'm more convinced than ever that he is far from alone.

Notes From Pennsylvania

Matthew Gallaway

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