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A Workforce Institute posting forwards the example of Kimberly-Clark’s Rule of Two: for appointments at the VP level and above, leaders must bring three candidates for consideration, and no more than two of them should have a similar demographic profile.

What Companies Can Do to Make Gains in Female Leadership

Thrive Global

While the imme­di­ate appli­ca­tions of GPT-3, like my poetry or humor writ­ings, are nice, the short­-term impli­ca­tions of GPT-3 are much more impor­tant.

May 2020 News & 'On GPT-3' ·

Most memorably, however, they represented a genuine new group of entrepreneurs that were trying to establish themselves. Scott Barnum, then Manager and Vice President of eBay International, stated: “In the German Internet-commerce world, they are very atypical.” Or as Christoph bluntly put it: “They didn’t give a shit, they were completely different.”

Starting Up Within the Bubble

Bettina Engert

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