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The world of scientific publishing is organized as a hierarchy of status, much like the hierarchy of angels in the Abrahamic religions. At the bottom are the non-peer-reviewed blog posts and Twitter threads. Slightly above are the preprint servers like arXiv, and then big peer-reviewed journals like PLOS One. Above those are all the field-specific journals, some with higher reputation than others. And at the top, near the divine presence, are the CNS journals: Cell, Nature, and Science.

Your Book Review: Making Nature

Scott Alexander

I’m the most followed productivity YouTuber in the world. Here are 12 productivity myths that are wasting your time: ![](

I’m the Most Followed Pr...

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I Am Circle: Use this when you want people establish their commonalities. Have everyone stand in a circle with one person in the middle. That person says something that's true about themselves. If it's true of anyone else, they quickly have to switch places (like musical chairs).

Cut Through The Small Talk and Connect - Lessons from 130+ Dinners, Summits and Salons

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