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The Need for Healthy Skepticism: A few months prior to shutting down, Holland gave interviews about the company's fast growth and ambitious 2022 plans. Shenanigans occur in public markets too (see: Enron), but regular regulatory filings and audit requirements mean there are more people capable of calling BS. The private markets are more of the Wild West.  Drastic claims require drastic evidence, so a lack of numbers is a red flag. A big valuation doesn’t imply a sustainable business model (or even $1 million in revenue).

#119 - Fast: An Autopsy

Romanticism, which encourages variety, meshes perfectly with consumerism. Their marriage has given birth to the infinite ‘market of experiences’, on which the modern tourism industry is founded. The tourism industry does not sell flight tickets and hotel bedrooms. It sells experiences.


Yuval Noah Harari

It took Francis Galton several years to figure out that correlation and regression are not two concepts—they are different perspectives on the same concept. The general rule is straightforward but has surprising consequences: whenever the correlation between two scores is imperfect, there will be regression to the mean. To illustrate Galton’s insight, take a proposition that most people find quite interesting: Highly intelligent women tend to marry men who are less intelligent than they are.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman

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