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I believe that our lives are composed not only of cognition and motor function but that our psyches also possess causative or selective abilities, which surpass ordinary sensory observation. You can use the term New Thought, magick, positive thinking, ESP, or whatever label you like, but I am convinced from personal experience, from generations of testimony, and from the extraordinary questions emergent from fields including neuroplasticity, quantum mechanics, placebo studies, mind-body medicine, and psychical research that our minds interplay with the surrounding world in a manner that displays extra-physical effect on outcome.

The Miracle Habits

Mitch Horowitz

In other words, only by engaging in ritual could worshippers break free from the mortal sphere and picture themselves to be part of the immortal realm of holy truth. Because these ceremonies represented a link with the distant human past, as well as with an imagined timeless sacred prehistory, they were considered to be ways of transcending death itself: Sacred reversible circular time could replace profane irreversible linear time.

Time Journeys

Paul Halpern

Growing up in our home, there was no conflict between science and spirituality. My parents taught me that nature as revealed by science was a source of great, stirring pleasure. Logic, evidence, and proof did not detract from the feeling that something was transcendent—quite the opposite. It was the source of its magnificence.

For Small Creatures Such as We

Sasha Sagan

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