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Love is a biological necessity, a force operating to one degree or another in all biological life. Without love there is no physical commitment to life — no psychic hold.

The Nature of the Psyche

Jane Roberts

To realize your existence, do the things you know you should do - the duties that echo from deep below. Stop avoiding your life.

To Realize Your Existence, Do the Things You Know You Should Do - The Duties That Echo From Deep Below. Stop Avoiding Your Life. : DecidingToBeBetter

We are at an important age of self-analysis. The art of our time cannot possibly rise an iota above the quality of our insight. It takes strength of a high order to get beyond the ordinary intelligent attitudes of experience. It is tempting accept life as a series of opportunities and anxieties, appetites and frustrations, and, having so accepted it, to canon making and seizing opportunities, whetting and appetites, avoiding disappointment This is the pattern of procedure.

Creative Vision in Artist and Audience

Richard Guggenheimer

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