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Confucius said: ‘If a man have not order within him / He can not spread order about him …’ Surrounded as we are by evidence of the disorders of our souls and our world, we feel the strong truth in those words as well as the possibility of healing that is in them. We see the likelihood that our surroundings, from our clothes to our countryside, are the products of our inward life – our spirit, our vision – as much as they are products of nature and work.

The World-Ending Fire

Wendell Berry

We are told that the way things are is the only way they can be, because every other model has supposedly already been tried, and all have failed. But these ideas about different ways of being and thinking and living did not all fail; rather, many of them fell, crushed by political violence and racial terror.


Naomi Klein

Neural networks “work” because they build on the data-driven management techniques already developed to expropriate and control workers — their output is sufficient for accomplishing that aim (and not because it produces “truth”).

Fake Totalities

Rob Horning

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