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Raja had studied Urdu in school in those days before the Partition when students had a choice between Hindi and Urdu. It was a natural enough choice to make for the son of a Delhi family: Urdu had been the court language in the days of the Muslim and Moghul rulers and had persisted as the language of the learned and the cultivated. Hindi was not then considered a language of great pedigree; it had little to show for itself in its modern, clipped, workaday form, and its literature was all in ancient, extinct dialects. Raja, who read much and had a good ear, was aware of such differences.

Clear Light of Day

Anita Desai

As a counterstrategy, keep a “done list,” which starts empty first thing in the morning, and which you then gradually fill with whatever you accomplish through the day. Each entry is another cheering reminder that you could, after all, have spent the day doing nothing remotely constructive—and look what you did instead!

Four Thousand Weeks

Oliver Burkeman

When it comes to Make Time, my go-to tactics are: • Schedule Your Highlight (#8) • Log Out (#18) • Ignore the News (#25) • Set a Visible Timer (#52) • Eat Without Screens (#225)

Making Time at Work With Connor Swenson

John Zeratsky

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